Hot Tub Advice

    • Don’t forget the fizzy wine! Lie back, smell the wood-smoke and look at the stars!


    • The tub should be filled from the garden hose to above the top pipe from the stove before lighting it.
    • Leave enough space to add cold water once up to temperature.
    • Needs about 4 hours heat to bring to temperature. Use kindling and small logs to get the fire going, leaving the bottom door partly open. Once established you can close the bottom door.
    • Once up to desired heat, switch on circulation pump/electric heater on the tub.
    • Jacuzzi switch is on the side beside circulation pump switch.
    • The air buttons on the tub controlling the lighting are temperamental – need a very firm push!


After first heat and use, place the insulated cover back on the tub to retain as much heat as possible, so the next day the heating time is much shorter.

Care should be taken with the hot tub stove (we advise taking the stove gloves out with you) as it is unprotected, and children should be supervised at all times. Use of the tub is entirely at the the customer’s own risk, and the owners accept no liability for injury during its use.